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Case Studies

Forest Product Manufacturer Upgrades Drying Process to Ramp Up Energy Efficiency and Productivity


Learn how McNaughton-McKay provided for the installation of all the power distribution, controls and facilities necessary for a forest product manufacturer to upgrade its drying process.

Mobile Storeroom Solution Increases Productivity for Global Sawmill


A global forest product company providing a variety of lumber products didn’t have the necessary electrical products onsite for projects and repairs that they needed. They were struggling to find available space to increase their on-hand products and ways to improve their vendor managed inventory program.

Large Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Company Gains Control of Their Pushbutton Inventory and Storeroom Management


A dietary supplement company, manufacturing vitamins, and supplements. The company was faced with unnecessary downtime because of the disorganization related to the pushbutton section of its storeroom. If they were able to streamline their purchasing process with the help of McNaughton-McKay, they would have a more organized pushbutton storeroom section and minimize costly downtime.

Custom Machine Builder Partners with McNaughton-McKay Mechatronics Group to build Multi-Axis, High Speed, Large Payload Machine


Custom machine builder for automotive, steel, glass, furniture and other industrial applications was tasked with building a multi-axis machine that would perform at high speeds with large payloads (some over 1,000 lbs.).

Global paint manufacturer transitions to a Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement.


A large paints, coatings, and specialty materials manufacturing customer’s Rockwell Automation TechConnect contract was coming up for renewal. Like many customers today, the paint manufacturer is faced with workforce deficiency budget constraints, and downtime risk.

Upgrading Educational Facility with Current PLC Technology


A local community college offers a broader base of classes to help prepare students for their future in engineering. One of the campuses, realized that their PLC Lab offering was not as current as they needed it to be. Local businesses were asking them to train maintenance staff in the latest industry standards for automation that they were unable to provide. In response to these requests, the community college began researching industry standards as they pertained to automation to gain a firm understanding of what product platforms would best fit their customer’s needs. McNaughton-McKay was able to provide a complete automation package that included the latest in PLC’s, Drives and Motion Hardware. In addition, their instructors were trained by Rockwell Automation on the hardware.

Energy Consumption Reporting Solution


A global paints and coating company wanted better visibility into their energy consumption and was looking for a cost-effective sub-metering solution that would provide the ability to generate usage reports for different areas of the facility.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process


A major U.S. city’s water treatment facility needed to standardize, integrate and upgrade their control system while controlling capital expenditures and manage system life cycles.  The issues the city faced were that all of the sewer overflow basins’ process control systems were dissimilar and the original manufacturer no longer provided support.  By using the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx™ process automation system, we were able to achieve our customer’s objectives and help protect the city’s water quality.

Linear Motion In-Mold Labeling


A plastics machinery manufacturer wanted to provide their customers with a modern and easy to maintain in-mold labeling solution. McNaughton-McKay worked with our customer to design a control system retrofit using Rockwell Automation technology. By doing this, our customer was able to bring an existing piece of equipment in line with current technology very cost effectively.

Retrofit of a 12 Station Rotary Dial Machining Cell Using Programmable Numeric Control (PNC)


Machine builder and systems integrator retrofit a rotary dial machine with a Rockwell Automation control system using programmable numeric control.

Migrating to a New Process Control System Saves Chemical Company Maintenance Costs and Valuable Production Time


A synthetic emulsion polymers chemical company was faced with supporting and maintaining an obsolete Distributed Control Systems (DCS). After careful study and consideration, it became clear that migrating to a new process control system was the only option to support sustained plant operations and expanded product offerings.

Tire Manufacturer Proximity Sensor Failure During Curing Process


The curing presses in the tire facility were experiencing issues with a large number of failures and service calls due to issues with proximity sensors.