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Case Studies

Tire Manufacturer Proximity Sensor Failure During Curing Process


The curing presses in the tire facility were experiencing issues with a large number of failures and service calls due to issues with proximity sensors.

Museum LED Lighting Upgrade Results in Reducing Energy Costs


Local museum was looking to reduce lighting costs while increasing the quality of the way artwork was displayed.

Increased Material Handling Speed and Efficiency Needed by Convenience Store Distributor


A national convenience store distributor approached the system integrator asking them to install the newest technology of controllers and sorters that would allow for thousands of consumer products to reach their appropriate delivery docks quickly and accurately

Visualization Process Improvement


Manufacturer needed greater visibility into CNCs, robots and assembly machines for end user peace of mind of on-time parts delivery.

Re-Lamping of Casting Manufacturing Facility Results in Reduced Energy Costs and Increase in Parts Inspection Efficiency


The manufacturer was looking to upgrade their lighting either with completely new fixtures or a LED re-lamping in current fixtures.

Proactive Manufacturing Increases Competitive Advantage in the Honing Machine Industry


A manufacturer of precision honing machines, tooling and abrasives proactively sought ways to improve their manufacturing practices by increasing manufacturing speed and inventory control.

Pulp and Paper Machine Builder Creates Safety System That Streamlines Machine Design and Protects Workers


The cylinders are reused by paper manufacturers because of the high costs associated with disposal and replacement. Saving these cylinders is difficult and can create a safety hazard. Manufacturers stop short of using the entire spool of paper to avoid damaging the machine and exposing them to a rigid core. What is left on the cylinder can weigh upwards of 300 pounds and must be removed for recycling.

Plastics Manufacturer Does LED Retrofit with Over $73,000 Savings


By pairing the M611 mobile printer with the Brady Workstation Express Labels Mobile App, the gap between the office and field is bridged. With a quick phone call to the office the correct labels can be pushed to the cloud and printed via the mobile app.  

Obsolete Light Curtains Were Causing a Sourcing Issue for Shingle Manufacturer


Due to obsolescence and limited wiring diagrams, the manufacturer was concerned that when their inventory was depleted they would not have a migration solution. They knew they needed to replace the light curtains before they ran out of stock and risked their production lines shutting down.

Beverage Manufacturer Obtains Successful Government Safety Regulation Fulfillment


The manufacturer wanted to maintain a safe work place for their employees and keep up with government work place safety mandates. They faced problems with consistent, complete and competitive pricing on their service requirements. Their main priorities were safety and compliance.